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2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
Denise has read 0 books toward her goal of 15 books.


faultintheirstar asked
That was the most fascinating (and amazingest) dream I've ever heard of!

It was definitely weird and fun!

Had a dream I was buying a seriously nice condo with salesassociatesteve. She showed up in the dream to wash her hands in the sink and tell me she was going out on a date and could I interview the musician who was supposed to play at our house warming party.

So I made a chicken sandwich with pickles, I accidentally microwaved the pickles, and then I sat down to interview Hank Green, who had a plate of chicken nuggets and his guitar that pwns noobs. 

Anonymous asked
you had one non-american/white, non-stick thin character and you get a white,blonde stick thin actress to play her


1. I have never written a central female character who was described as thin other than Lindsey Lee Wells. Also, Margo and Q are two of the only white-identified people I’ve written, so I don’t really know how to respond to that part of your statement.

2. I do not cast the movie adaptations of my books. I am a novelist, not a casting director. I did not choose who would play Margo anymore than I choose where the movie will be filmed or what the budget or soundtrack will be.

3. That said, I think Cara will do a wonderful job as Margo. As I’ve learned in the past few hours, a lot of people who don’t know Cara have extremely strong opinions about her as a person, which is weird, because they don’t know her. They have a lot of opinions about her body, too, especially its supposed inadequacies. Cara is living, on a much larger stage, the Margo Roth Spiegelman experience: She receives massive amounts of attention but she’s more a mirror than a window. The way people respond to her seems to be a reflection of one’s own experience and worldview more than it has anything to do with the actual person Cara is. I think this is part of why Cara’s audition was so powerful: Her understanding of Margo is deep and profound and about a lot more than the shape of her body.

Seriously people? We went through this same shit with TFIOS when it was cast. Do we really have to be such hateful people about other people who have done nothing to us? What is wrong with human beings?! Give this girl a chance! 

And even if you don’t like the casting DO NOT BE AN AWFUL HUMAN BEING TO HER! She has done NOTHING to you. 

I watched Ansel get so much hate on Twitter the day (and following week and month) after he was cast and it was HORRIBLE! Do NOT be that person! 


i started going through goodreads during my history class and basically ended up adding 15+ books on my tbr list…

This is my brain right now….

DJ who works in education: Bad Julia! Pay attention to your studies.

DJ who loves books passionately: READ ALL THE THINGS!!!


OMG CARA DELEVIGNE!! She’s one of my favourite models but I never thought about her playing Margo… Anyway, let’s wait and see what she can do!


We have our Margo!!! (Thanks Sonia for telling me!)

I think. The article says she has it. It also says she is in talks. But yeah.. this is HUGE! 

John says she “will play” so I take that as official!!!